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The movie lover 2

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rochia de 3 dolari :)

De cand a facut "Heat" Michael Mann poate conta pe mine, ca spectator, la mare parte din filmele sale. Daca pe afis apare si Johnny Depp atunci am cumparat biletul! Insa pe afisul acestui film mai apar doi actori care incep sa-mi placa mult: Christian Bale si Marion Cotillard. Bale "Batman" este un actor care pana sa ajunga la succese comercial gen "Batman", a tot jucat prin filme de arta sau vede in calitatea jocului.

Marion este frumoasa, talentata - vedeti filmul despre Edith Piaf si veti deveni fan-ul ei pe viata, si de ceva timp imaginea Dior pentru geanta Lady Dior....asta inseamna rochii haute couture superbe pe la toate evenimente.

Filmul este povestea lui John Dillinger, faimos spargator de banci in timpul marii crize din SUA in anii '30. Legenda spune ca a fost prins datorita faptului ca o romanca - proprietara unui bordel - l-a tradat. Pe Dillinger il joaca sarmantul Johnny Deep, politistul de pe urmele lui este Christian Bale iar iubita lui Dillinger este frumoasa tinute ale anilor '20 - '30, evident. M-am amuzat deoarece una din replicile din film este : "Stii de ce se uita toata lumea din local la mine? Pentru ca nu au mai vazut niciodata aici o fata care sa poarte o rochie de 3 dolari" conditiile in care ce purta ea nu prea arata de 3 dolari.

In viata reala, Marion poarta rochii de cateva zece de mii de dolari la premiere si alte evenimente. Succesul ei, mai ales dupa castigarea Oscarului, o face una din putinele frantuzoaice care au reusit sa farmece Hollywood-ul.

Al doilea film , iesit in 2006, este o "poezie" de fapt: The New World. Regizat de Terrence Malick si cu o distributie la fel de buna si frumoasa: Colin Farrel, mai masculin ca niciodata, Christian Bale si o exotica actrita de origine indiana Q'Orianka Kilcher. Dialoguri interioare ce se desfasoara pe tot parcursul filmului, se aud pe fundalul unei muzici divine si a unor imagini care suprind frumusetea naturii. Mai ales frumusetea unor tinuturi ce sunt nou descoperite. Este de fapt, povestea lui Pocahontas, frumoasa indianca ce se indragosteste de un explorator englez. Modul in care regizorul a ales sa descrie aceasta dragoste este de o sensibilitate ce atinge fiecare coarda a publicului. L-am vazut in aer liber, intr-o seara perfecta de vara, intr-un parc din Paris : Parc de la Vilette. Seara de film perfecta, pentru mine.
Since he directed « Heat », Michael Mann can count on me as a spectator for the majority of his movies. Moreover, if there is Johny Depp on the posters, I buy a ticket for sure! There are two more actors featured in this movie, whom I admire more and more: Christian Bale and Marion Cotillard. Bale, the « Batman », played in art movies and independent cinema... one can tell il from the quality of his performance. Marion is beautiful and gifted – watch the movie about Edith Piaf and you will become her fan for ever. She has also been chosen as the image for the Lady Dior bag... and this means wearing haute couture dresses at all the special events.

The movie tells the story of John Dillinger, a famous bank robber of the 1930s big crisis in the USA. The legend says that he was cought because of a Romanian – the owner of a brothel – who has betrayed him. The role of Dillinger is played by the handsome Johny Depp and, the agent pursuing him is played by Christian Bale. The role of Dillinger's lover belongs to the beautiful Marion... dressed in clothes of the 1920s - 1930s, of course. I was amused by one of the movie lines : « Do you know why everybody inside here is staring at me? Because, they have never seen in this place a girl wearing a 3 dollar dress »... of course, what she was wearing did not look like 3 dollars worth.

In real life, Marion wears dresses of tens of thousands dollars, at premieres or other events. Due to her success, especially after she won an Oscar, she has become one of a few French actresses who succeeded to enchant Hollywood.

The second movie I saw was made in 2006 and, it is a « poem » actually: The New World, directed by Terrence Malick. It also has a very good and beautiful cast: Colin Farrel, more masculine than ever, Christian Bale and, an exotic actress of Indian origin: Q'Orianka Kilcher. Internal dialogues are unfolding against very beautiful natural scenery and a divine music. Some very beautiful newly discovered landscape. It tells the story of Pocahontas, the beautiful Indian girl who falls in love with an English explorer. The means chosen by the film director to describe this love are so powerful that they touch every chord in the public's soul. I have watched it in open space, during a perfect summer evening, in a park in Paris: Parc de la Vilette. It was what I call a perfect evening for moviegoing.

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