Saturday, August 15

The candle shop

Imagine the life in 1643 and how people used to live. The wax was important to lighten the churches and the cathedrals and was a luxury for the poorest. Only rich people used the candle waxes. At that time is founded this manufacturing of wax.

As I like to loose myself on the streets of Paris I found this wax and candle boutique that belongs to the oldest wax and candle producer.
In 1719 Maison Trudon becomes the royal wax manufacturer.

The boutique’s design tries to build this “historic heritage”, but in the same time they adopted modern ways to expose the variety of candles. After you read on the exterior wall the year in which this producer was found and ss you enter, you just realize the importance of wax in the past, before the electricity was invented.


Antonio Barros said...

Wow! I never saw this shop!
I will go there for sure to see it!!!

the singular


Yes, yes...I forgot:
78 Rue de Seine, Paris
Metro Mabillon, ligne 10

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