Sunday, May 10

Muzeul Fragonard

Cand sunteti in Paris si vreti sa vizitati un mic spatiu destinat parfumurilor intrati in Muzeul Fragonard, situat pe Rue Scrib. Intrarea este gratuita si aveti parte de cateva momente petrecute admirand cateva din flacoanele celebre de parfumuri de la inceputul secolului si vechi instalatii de facut parfumuri. Astazi Fragonard este considerata o marca de nisa, produsele sale se gasesc in Scent Room din Printemps. O marca ce exista din 1926, bazata la Grasse in sudul Frantei, locul in care sunt localizate cele cateva fabrici de parfum care mai exista in locul in care inca se mai gasesc cateva campuri de trandafiri si iasomie ce se folosesc ca materie prima pentru realizarea lui Chanel no 5 sau a parfumurilor Hermes.

Va pun cateva poze si va mai vorbesc despre parfumuri in curand.
When you are in Paris and you feel like visiting a small area dedicated to perfumes, go and visit the Fragonard Museum which is situated on rue Scribe. The entry in the museum is free of charge and you will pass some moments of your time admiring the famous perfume bottles dating from the beginning of 20th century and also, some obsolete perfume making machines. Nowadays, Fragonard is considered to be a niche brand and the Fragonard products can be found in the Scent Room of the Printemps department store. This brand started its existence in 1926 and is based in Grasse, in the Southern part of France. It is here that several of the perfume factories are based up until now... and also here that can be found some rose and jasmine fields whose flowers are used as raw materials for making Chanel no 5 or the Hermes perfumes.

I am attaching a few photos and I will talk to you about perfumes soon again.

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Daaa, mai multe despre parfumuri, va rog!!!!

J'adore le nouveau look de ton bleugue! Trop class.

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